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How to choose designer rings for multiple purposes?

Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata, Designer Rings in Kolkata

Designer rings are an exquisite set of ornaments that can glam up any type of outfit. These rings are certainly a big investment and you will not want to invest on them again and again. But, hey! Here is the good news you can wear the same designer ring for multiple occasions. We at Goldenstreet present to you the best collection of rings to choose from. Right from Solitaire, diamond to rings studded with other precious stones.

Since you are choosing a ring to suit up for every possible occasion make it a point that it looks stunning as hell. If need be customize it as per your choices. Our specialized team of designers will give you exactly what you want. Buying a ring can be a tricky business sometimes. You ought to think about the person you’re buying it for. Consider their taste in design or their fondness for jewellery. Pick up a ring that will go with their lifestyle taste.

The range of Designer Rings in Kolkata  is very affordable. You will certainly love the wide variety that we are going to present in front of you. Moreover, the fact that ring can make a prominent style statement it is coherent that you have certain rings in your closet. The best part about gifting a ring to a woman is that she will cherish its importance for the rest of her life.

While you customize a ring it presents a well thought out idea. Your effort and special concern is reflected to your loved ones. If it is for engagement or wedding give no second thoughts and jump to the diamond section. Make sure it is embellished with diamonds. If your wedding ring already contains precious gems, consider an anniversary band in a similar style but with different gems—the birth stones of your children perhaps?

Other than this there are several other creative ideas you can opt for in order to customize your rings. Most importantly you need to understand the fact that there are hundreds of creative ideas for customization. Moreover, if you don’t wish to get into the complication of customization and ideas then you can simply choose one from our collection.

We suggest you to go head and pick up the rings you want from our Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata without any doubts in your head. Feel free to contact us for any sort of queries.


Designer Bridal Jewellery in Kolkata for your beloved ones

wedding sets

Designer jewellery is what people prefer for bridal occasions these days. The simplest reason of which being that, it is one auspicious event and no one wants to compromise and not get the best for their loved ones. Our Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata , Goldenstreet has a vast collection of Designer bridal jewellery which is absolutely stunning. Our unique collection will completely blow your minds.

The White Wedding Sets in Kolkata  is a classic example of how unique our collection is. The matching earrings complement the entire set so beautifully. This bridal jewellery set is an absolute pleasure to own. You will also love how the diamond stones are studded in such a beautiful manner giving the best look possible. We understand how important the day of wedding is for a bride and we will want you to gift to them.

The Mor Pankh necklace will erase any questions that you have regarding our products. This stunning necklace has been crafted with so much intricacy and detailing that there is no way that you will be able to keep your eyes off that. The Ethnic Chic necklace is my personnel favorite because of its design.

This necklace looks so luxurious and elegant. The pearls which are embedded on the neck line are so beautiful. It gives a floral kind of vibe as well. The entire necklace is such an eye candy; perfect for the bride to wear on her special day. Wearing diamond jewellery is actually an uprising trend these days in the fashion world. You will see many renowned fashion bloggers promoting diamond designer jewellery for this very particular reason.

Our high jewelry section has many more ornaments to choose from other than necklaces. Since we are talking about bridal occasions we would suggest you to go and take a look at the hatful, chandelier, earrings, pendants bangles and many other types of jewellery. For your ease and convenience we have separated them under various categories so as that it is easier for you to sort them out.

Goldenstreet assures you 100% quality guarantee and excellent service in terms of customization. We understand that the needs off buying diamond jewellery in Kolkata can differ from individual to individual. Hence we will provide you complete service in terms of customization. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. Once you shop from us there is no other place you would rather go after that.

High Price bracelets that may blow your mind

Designer Jewellery in Kolkata

It is that time of the season again where bracelets are spreading their magic over the fashion industry. A bracelet is a versatile way to accessorize your hand. It is classy, elegant, chic and stylish. A charming bracelet is something that you can wear on a daily basis with almost everything and looks really nice while a pearl studded bracelet is more casual. Made with precious stones, an olive diamond bracelet might be paired with stunning dresses for a formal event.

Our Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata or Designer Jewellery in Kolkata ,  Goldenstreet has different from ordinary bracelets to high quality diamond bracelets which should be reserved for special occasions. You can choose a simple and elegant one or one which will add bling to your outfit. They look great at parties with a stunning evening wear. These designer bracelets look very sophisticated and you can team them up with clothes which are comparatively simple to make it look extraordinary.

Droplet diamond bracelet is another amazing bracelet in the entire collection.  Our bracelets can be customized of various shapes and sizes as per your preferences. A simple gold or silver bangle might be worn for a formal event while you can mix and match different types of bangles to wear with jeans and t-shirt or other western attires to give it that Indo-Western look.

There are many other kinds of jewelry that you can use to embellish your hand. The best part about such kinds of ornaments is that you can team them up with almost everything. If you team up your attire with such gorgeous diamond bracelet, you really won’t be requiring anything else. The way you accessorize can make or break an outfit. Just as overdressing is a fashion faux pas, under dressing too must be avoided at all costs. If you want to stand out in the crowd, this is the tip you need to follow.

You can very well get ready for any kind of event with a diamond bracelet flaunting on your wrist. The best part is that you will be able to justify the look with anything. Since bracelets are such an important part there is no harm in spending a little more on them. As it is always said that diamonds are forever, you certainly won’t be going on any kind of loss with this kind of purchase.

Trending diamond embedded bangles that may cost you more than one lakh

designer jewellery online in Kolkata

With or without diamonds, delicately carved modern, adorned with diamond or multicolored stones, bangles make an ideal jewel! That something our designers have figured long ago. Therefore, Goldenstreet presents these amazing diamond bangles collection which is trending on the top. You are most likely to be familiar with some of these fashion jewelry trends of diamond bangles simply because we have seen many celebrities and fashion bloggers to rock them for all kinds of occasions. And, don’t hesitate to be more daring and try some of these cool fashion trends.

Jewelry is the perfect way to accentuate the beauty of any outfit. A simple bangle or a neck piece can completely alter your outfit, giving it that extra “edge”. Now irrespective of whether you’re a believer of the “less is more” concept or you like gaudy and dazzling jewelry, there are ornaments for everyone!

Furthermore, the diamond bracelets looks great on the skin in silver, gold or rose gold so whichever you prefer you will end up with a very modern and sleek style that will definitely make people wonder where you got them from. Our collection of designer jewellery in Kolkata is extremely unique and very precious.

Now you don’t buy diamond jewellery every other day and since you have decided to invest on this one why not spend little heavy bucks too. Some of these customized diamond bangles may cost you more than a lakh as well. But once you have laid your eyes on our collection we promise you it will be so worth it. In addition, you can also mix and match different metals to achieve a very distinguishable and stylish look.

A bangle is the most classic and popular form of hand jewelry. A simple gold or silver bangle might be worn for a formal event while you can mix and match different types of bangles to wear with jeans and t-shirt or other western attires to give it that Indo-Western look.

At our online jewellery store we have divided the diamond bangles section into two parts of slim bangles and broad bangles. You can choose from the one you like as both are equally stunning. To purchase designer jewellery online in Kolkata make sure to buy from us as you won’t be disappointed after seeing our exquisite and extravagant collection.



Top 5 Designer Jewellery For Festival

The Dense Diamond Necklace

This is one of the best Designer Necklace in Kolkata. The design is beautiful and completely suited for a festive occasion. The neckline has beautiful diamond stones studded in beautiful shapes giving the diamond necklace a graceful look. It is designed with so much effort and thought that you are bound to fall for the look.

The Dancing Emerald Necklace

Emerald is one of the most precious stones. This necklace is completely studded with emerald stones and has a very intriguing look. There is such a glazing charm to this necklace that you cannot resist it. We will highly recommend that to buy Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata you check out our store.

The Ruby Pearl Affair Necklace

Any description will fall short for the appreciation of this necklace. Ruby and pearl have the best combination in terms of any jewellery. Go ahead and make this necklace a part of your closet. We assure you that this is one purchase that no one regrets.

The Royal Diamond Necklace

This v-shaped necklace gives a vibe of royalty, class and elegance. This diamond necklace is so stern in its appearance. You can wear it with anything and it will feel just perfect. If you are even in the slightest mood for buying anything this festive season then go for this necklace.

The Grand Detachable Chic

We bet you cannot take your eyes off this necklace. Jewellery and festive season works hand in hand. You definitely want to buy this and make it a part of your jewellery collection. Don’t think too much. The necklace awaits you. To look for more of such amazing jewellery, go visit our website where you can find many more jewellery items as such.

Top 3 Diamond Jewellery Used In Indian Cinema

Diamond necklaces and earrings in Jodhaa Akbar

The royal film was the talk of the town not because of just the storyline and actors but the jewellery that was worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was exquisite. The heavy diamond ornaments and gold jewels that were shown in the movie were specially designed for the actress and her scenes. We couldn’t keep our eyes off them throughout the entire movie. Released in the first decade of the 21st century, Jodha Akbar appears with a vast range of gorgeous jewelleries inspired by Mughal era. It goes through traditional Rajputi jewellery worn by Jodha (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), the princess of Jaipur defining new concepts for fashion designers.

Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo

Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor starrer Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie is a totally royal family drama. There Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor could be seen wearing royal outfits with traditional and exclusive jewellery designed by PNG Jewelers. After the heavy diamond studded jewellery worn by Sonam kapoor it became a style statement and became very demanding among the people. If you wish to purchase stylish diamond jewellery then you can easily buy diamond fashion jewellery online in Kolkata. There are ample numbers of online stores with a wide range of collection.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

The big family drama Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham makes remember from Karan Johar’s other films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai; still it has a few scenes in which leading actress Jaya Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Kajol could be seen wearing designer diamond jewellery and heavy outfits. Later, these accessories and dress were loved by local jewellery lovers to get new customized jewelleries. Their jewellery designs were well appreciated and loved by many jewellery makers as well giving them new ideas.