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Top 5 new sets of Diamond Fashion Jewellery

  1. The Panna Broad Chain set

Our store has an amazing collection of diamond necklace sets but this one is sure to steal your attention. Take a look at the gorgeous design and green colored stone designs that you will absolutely fall in love with. This fashionable jewellery is on set and on fleek for any given occasion.

  1. The Panna Moti Styling set

No matter if you are going for an ethnic, traditional outfit or a western one; this fashion jewellery set is just the best for you. You don’t have to worry about how beautiful you are going to appear with this necklace and the matching earrings by your side.

  1. The Emerald Mina Necklace

Emerald is just everyone’s favorite. The stunning design on the necklace and the similar pair of earrings is tremendously beautiful. You will love how these designs are so unique and special in their own way. Our store has many such collections.

  1. The White wedding set

Hands down this is the most elegant diamond set that you will have ever seen. With a pure and serene look this diamond set speaks for itself. You will be mesmerized by the charm this one gives. It is about time that this diamond set is a part of your closet.

  1. The Jingling diamond set

This fashion jewellery set will explain you what perfection looks like. Get ready to be swept down your feet after you have seen these necklace and earrings. Providing you with a reasonable price and amazing designs. You will love how the diamonds stones are embedded giving an appealing look altogether.



3 Best Imperial Diamond Pendants

Purple Bud Pendant

Diamond pendants have a thing for the colored stones that go with them. You can absolutely adore the beautiful look presented by this pendant. The best part is the purple stone enshrined in the middle of it. Other than this one there is a wide range of selection from where you can buy diamond pendant online in Kolkata.

Ruby Crown Pendant

Get the majestic look with this pendant and ruby in between. There is no doubt that this will become your favorite one at a glance. This particular pendant gives a charming look in terms of the diamonds put there and the beautiful ruby stone that just doubles it’s beauty.

Blue Drop Pendant

When it comes to falling in love with uniqueness; this diamond pendant is the most apt and definite example of it. The blue stone is marvelous and the pendant will look gorgeous on you. We assure you that this will be a beneficial investment for you. Go ahead and purchase this for a trendy look.