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Most Expensive Solitaire Imperial Pendant in Kolkata


Pendants have become the latest trend in fashion arena. If you are crazy about fashion and carry a decent knowledge of dressing up then you will know how essential it is to wear an appropriate neck piece. Since it is certainly not possible to put on a heavy or a V-line necklace all the time we come to pendants. The best part about a pendant is that it can be paired up with any kind of outfit of your choice. You can wear it with a western outfit as well as a traditional outfit like a sari or a lehenga.

What’s the best way to add some punch to an otherwise so-so outfit? A slight light weighted pendant. The demand for diamond pendant in Kolkata is very high and you will find the most rare and classy designs in our store. Here we present the Solitaire Cluster Pendant which one of the most solitaire imperial pendant in Kolkata. Nowhere will you be able to find such an astonishing piece of jewellery in Kolkata.

If you want to change something then worry not, we are open for customization. Just take a look at the beautiful diamond stones engraved in a super sophisticated manner. On top of all that the pattern in which this design is made it looks very pretty. Make this pendant a part of your closet right now. Go to our online store and seal the deal. If you have any queries then we are here to help you every step of the way.

First of all one need to make sure that the whole neckpiece is clearly visible. So choose your outfit according. Tube tops or off shoulder dresses go best with neckpieces. They not only flaunt your neck area but make it attractive too. But even if you wear a neck covering top then put a lower chain and makes this pendant prominent.

This pendant has jewel drops which make it an absolute pleasure to the eyes. You will love how the entire design is crafted with such intricate and minute details. The best part about this entire pendant is how the diamond stones are placed without any falter and each stone is highlighted with equal distortion.

You will love how beautifully this particular pendant is and how it suits you. So, go ahead and make this extraordinary purchase. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.



Top 5 new sets of Diamond Fashion Jewellery

  1. The Panna Broad Chain set

Our store has an amazing collection of diamond necklace sets but this one is sure to steal your attention. Take a look at the gorgeous design and green colored stone designs that you will absolutely fall in love with. This fashionable jewellery is on set and on fleek for any given occasion.

  1. The Panna Moti Styling set

No matter if you are going for an ethnic, traditional outfit or a western one; this fashion jewellery set is just the best for you. You don’t have to worry about how beautiful you are going to appear with this necklace and the matching earrings by your side.

  1. The Emerald Mina Necklace

Emerald is just everyone’s favorite. The stunning design on the necklace and the similar pair of earrings is tremendously beautiful. You will love how these designs are so unique and special in their own way. Our store has many such collections.

  1. The White wedding set

Hands down this is the most elegant diamond set that you will have ever seen. With a pure and serene look this diamond set speaks for itself. You will be mesmerized by the charm this one gives. It is about time that this diamond set is a part of your closet.

  1. The Jingling diamond set

This fashion jewellery set will explain you what perfection looks like. Get ready to be swept down your feet after you have seen these necklace and earrings. Providing you with a reasonable price and amazing designs. You will love how the diamonds stones are embedded giving an appealing look altogether.


Top 3 Diamond Hathfuls

  1. Rajputi hathful

Image Source:  https://goo.gl/lfEL3U

Kuldeep Singh, an eminent jewellery designer is famous in the country for designing the best diamond embedded hathful. Brides are always attracted towards buying these amazing set of hathful; they are a perfect choice for the wedding collection.

  1. Haath Panja

Image Source:   https://goo.gl/SM6eBO

This particular hathful is the best one in the entire collection. You will absolutely fall in love with this particular design as you wear it. It has big diamond stones in the middle of the jewel giving it an extraordinary look. This diamond jewellery is available online in Kolkata.

  1. Rajasthani hathful

Image Source:  https://goo.gl/noG17A

The design is somewhat similar to the rajputi one but this one has more of small stones enshrined on the entire jewellery piece. The stones are cut with more minute details in this one. It is amazing because you can buy diamond jewellery online.

The Best Diamond jewellery of British Royals

Image Source: https://goo.gl/DHUiIM

From 500-year-old crowns to heirlooms once owned by Napoleon, Europe is home to some of the world’s most fascinating and extravagant pieces of jewellery thanks to its rich history. Now, a British jeweler has created a detailed info graphic looking at just that. They have charted the most stunning crown jewels in Europe, from an emerald tiara that once belonged to Empress Josephine, to a pearl that ended up adorning the neck of Elizabeth Taylor, with many dating back hundreds of years.

Taking an in-depth look at the pieces belonging to royals from six countries – the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark – their history is almost as fascinating as the rare jewels themselves. It’s not hard to see why this glittering piece of headwear is also known as the ‘diamond diadem’. Created for George IV in 1820, it is now worn by British Queens. Queen Elizabeth II wore it in an official photograph for a set of 1992 Post Office stamps, as well as the state opening of Parliament.

In 2012, the historic piece went on display at Buckingham Palace to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee. Set with 1,333 diamonds it was made for just £800 – the equivalent of £600,000 today. This doesn’t stop here. There is more to add to the extraordinary collection of the British royal jewellery collection.

Prince William famously proposed to the now-Duchess of Cambridge with the same ring that his late mother had worn, a £1 million 12-carat blue Ceylon sapphire set with 14 sparkling diamonds.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the Duchess had vetoed souvenir versions of her sparkling ring being sold as part of a new collection of replica Royal jewellery going on sale to the public. With 25 cushion-cut diamonds and a 22.48-carat pendant, this 150-year-old piece may be the glitziest in the British monarchy’s entire collection, and is such it is reserved exclusively for coronations of future queens. Our current Queen famously wore it to her 1953 coronation.

Leaving the world of royal jewelry behind for a second. You can buy diamond jewellery online and as a matter of fact you can purchase diamond jewellery online in Kolkata. Go ahead and raid the stores with diamond jewelleries of your choice.