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5 Famous Diamond Bracelet Designs Available Now

Rhombus Margarita Bracelet

This diamond bracelet has a pearl stone embedded in the midst giving a very pretty look. The diamond stones are shaped in such a beautiful manner that the entire look of the bracelet seems to take everyone by awe. Not to forget that the little intricacies that are detailed on this bracelet just makes it look even prettier.

Dewdrop Bracelet

Dewdrop bracelet is one of the rarest designs that one can see. The styling of this bracelet is done in such an amazing way that you will be absolutely stunned after seeing the marvelous combination that it makes with your outfits. Nevertheless this can be paired with both ethnic as well as traditional outfits.

Olive Diamond Bracelet

This diamond bracelet has a green gem stone embedded to the core giving a very elegant look. In addition to that this bracelet also has small diamond stones put on making it look like the perfect jewellery item for any occasion.

Pearl Melody Bracelet

It is yet another breathtaking diamond bracelet that you will need to check out. You can buy this bracelet in Kolkata and suit up your look. To check out more diamond bracelet in Kolkata make sure to browse through our website and get the perfect jewellery for you.

Real Love Bracelet

This gorgeous looking bracelet has three heart shaped designs done over it with multiple diamond stones surrounding it. It will look magnificent on you. You will be stunned to see the elegance and subtle look it has. This bracelet will be one of the best purchases that you will make.


Top 3 Bracelet Designs

Heritage Bracelet

You will redefine the concept of gorgeousness after taking a look at this amazing bracelet. The diamond stones and pearl is placed in the most gorgeous manner possible. This bracelet exhibits a sense of authenticity and remarkable noticeable feature as well.


Droplet Diamond Bracelet

Your wardrobe is lacking something if it doesn’t have this bracelet yet. Make this bracelet a part of your collection to look stunning. This one will have a sense of charm and serenity altogether. Make sure to check the others in our store as well. At our store you can easily buy diamond bracelets online.


Olive Diamond Bracelet

As usual we have saved the best for the last. Gazing with a green stone and classic diamond stones this bracelet is all you need right now. No matter what occasion it is you need to buy this bracelet and make it a part of your closet.