Designer Bridal Jewellery in Kolkata for your beloved ones

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Designer jewellery is what people prefer for bridal occasions these days. The simplest reason of which being that, it is one auspicious event and no one wants to compromise and not get the best for their loved ones. Our Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata , Goldenstreet has a vast collection of Designer bridal jewellery which is absolutely stunning. Our unique collection will completely blow your minds.

The White Wedding Sets in Kolkata  is a classic example of how unique our collection is. The matching earrings complement the entire set so beautifully. This bridal jewellery set is an absolute pleasure to own. You will also love how the diamond stones are studded in such a beautiful manner giving the best look possible. We understand how important the day of wedding is for a bride and we will want you to gift to them.

The Mor Pankh necklace will erase any questions that you have regarding our products. This stunning necklace has been crafted with so much intricacy and detailing that there is no way that you will be able to keep your eyes off that. The Ethnic Chic necklace is my personnel favorite because of its design.

This necklace looks so luxurious and elegant. The pearls which are embedded on the neck line are so beautiful. It gives a floral kind of vibe as well. The entire necklace is such an eye candy; perfect for the bride to wear on her special day. Wearing diamond jewellery is actually an uprising trend these days in the fashion world. You will see many renowned fashion bloggers promoting diamond designer jewellery for this very particular reason.

Our high jewelry section has many more ornaments to choose from other than necklaces. Since we are talking about bridal occasions we would suggest you to go and take a look at the hatful, chandelier, earrings, pendants bangles and many other types of jewellery. For your ease and convenience we have separated them under various categories so as that it is easier for you to sort them out.

Goldenstreet assures you 100% quality guarantee and excellent service in terms of customization. We understand that the needs off buying diamond jewellery in Kolkata can differ from individual to individual. Hence we will provide you complete service in terms of customization. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. Once you shop from us there is no other place you would rather go after that.


High Price bracelets that may blow your mind

Designer Jewellery in Kolkata

It is that time of the season again where bracelets are spreading their magic over the fashion industry. A bracelet is a versatile way to accessorize your hand. It is classy, elegant, chic and stylish. A charming bracelet is something that you can wear on a daily basis with almost everything and looks really nice while a pearl studded bracelet is more casual. Made with precious stones, an olive diamond bracelet might be paired with stunning dresses for a formal event.

Our Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata or Designer Jewellery in Kolkata ,  Goldenstreet has different from ordinary bracelets to high quality diamond bracelets which should be reserved for special occasions. You can choose a simple and elegant one or one which will add bling to your outfit. They look great at parties with a stunning evening wear. These designer bracelets look very sophisticated and you can team them up with clothes which are comparatively simple to make it look extraordinary.

Droplet diamond bracelet is another amazing bracelet in the entire collection.  Our bracelets can be customized of various shapes and sizes as per your preferences. A simple gold or silver bangle might be worn for a formal event while you can mix and match different types of bangles to wear with jeans and t-shirt or other western attires to give it that Indo-Western look.

There are many other kinds of jewelry that you can use to embellish your hand. The best part about such kinds of ornaments is that you can team them up with almost everything. If you team up your attire with such gorgeous diamond bracelet, you really won’t be requiring anything else. The way you accessorize can make or break an outfit. Just as overdressing is a fashion faux pas, under dressing too must be avoided at all costs. If you want to stand out in the crowd, this is the tip you need to follow.

You can very well get ready for any kind of event with a diamond bracelet flaunting on your wrist. The best part is that you will be able to justify the look with anything. Since bracelets are such an important part there is no harm in spending a little more on them. As it is always said that diamonds are forever, you certainly won’t be going on any kind of loss with this kind of purchase.

Trending diamond embedded bangles that may cost you more than one lakh

designer jewellery online in Kolkata

With or without diamonds, delicately carved modern, adorned with diamond or multicolored stones, bangles make an ideal jewel! That something our designers have figured long ago. Therefore, Goldenstreet presents these amazing diamond bangles collection which is trending on the top. You are most likely to be familiar with some of these fashion jewelry trends of diamond bangles simply because we have seen many celebrities and fashion bloggers to rock them for all kinds of occasions. And, don’t hesitate to be more daring and try some of these cool fashion trends.

Jewelry is the perfect way to accentuate the beauty of any outfit. A simple bangle or a neck piece can completely alter your outfit, giving it that extra “edge”. Now irrespective of whether you’re a believer of the “less is more” concept or you like gaudy and dazzling jewelry, there are ornaments for everyone!

Furthermore, the diamond bracelets looks great on the skin in silver, gold or rose gold so whichever you prefer you will end up with a very modern and sleek style that will definitely make people wonder where you got them from. Our collection of designer jewellery in Kolkata is extremely unique and very precious.

Now you don’t buy diamond jewellery every other day and since you have decided to invest on this one why not spend little heavy bucks too. Some of these customized diamond bangles may cost you more than a lakh as well. But once you have laid your eyes on our collection we promise you it will be so worth it. In addition, you can also mix and match different metals to achieve a very distinguishable and stylish look.

A bangle is the most classic and popular form of hand jewelry. A simple gold or silver bangle might be worn for a formal event while you can mix and match different types of bangles to wear with jeans and t-shirt or other western attires to give it that Indo-Western look.

At our online jewellery store we have divided the diamond bangles section into two parts of slim bangles and broad bangles. You can choose from the one you like as both are equally stunning. To purchase designer jewellery online in Kolkata make sure to buy from us as you won’t be disappointed after seeing our exquisite and extravagant collection.



Designer diamond earrings collections for Party Nights

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If you don’t want to update your whole wardrobe, then pick up a pair of stylish earrings to freshen up your look for Pujo. Diamond earrings have the combination of classic style and timeless elegance, making them a piece of jewelry that you will wear and love forever. No matter what your personal style is, there is a pair of diamond earrings for you. Goldenstreet lets you customize the stones, setting, and style to create your dream piece of jewelry. Whether you’re searching for earring for yourself or looking for the perfect gift, diamond earrings are always the right choice.

No matter what the occasion is, is it a party, engagement or even a wedding there are no substitutes for diamond earrings. Our specifically designed collection will be perfect for you. The weather gets warmer or colder the nights get longer and accessories get bolder. This Pujo we’re wholeheartedly embracing the statement earring trend. From now until the final days of September, you will witness the supreme collection of designer earrings in Kolkata.

If you’re into intricate, boho-inspired earrings you need to take a look our Jewelry’s collection for sure. Their wide range of cool and quirky statement earrings will leave you spoilt for choice. We love the cloud nine earring design on these earrings. The nine diamond studded stones makes it a perfect piece of jewel set for any occasion.

Pujo is almost here and the ten days party will go all sound if you are not wearing a cool pair of diamond earrings. Most importantly you must focus on the style you wish to purchase. Our diamond and high jewellery section is filled with unique and trendy designs to astonish you.

One of the most noticeable aspects of a pair of earrings is the type of metal that the diamonds are set in. You can choose from 14k white, yellow, or rose gold, 18k white or yellow gold, and even platinum. The metal can completely transform the look of a pair of earrings. White gold has a more modern look, while yellow and rose gold will take you back to a vintage era. Whatever metal you select, your earrings are sure to pair perfectly with a wide variety of looks.

If you are not very much into heavy and lengthy jewellery then we have minimalist collection as well. Minimalist jewellery can shout just as loud as maximalist jewellery. Influenced by art, architecture and sculpture, our collection covers it all. Fashion rings in Kolkata are nowhere better available than our online jewellery store.

Designer Necklace which may cost you more than a million

diamond neklace in kolkata

At Goldenstreet we offer you a gorgeous selection of designer necklaces of diamonds, pearls, ruby, emerald and many other precious and semi-precious stones. Our collection ranges from all kinds of budgets. For your convenience we have categorized them in different sections so that you can be at ease while selecting your favorite necklace.

Necklaces have always been a part of a woman’s fashion attire and it is about time that you update your closet with a fabulous necklace collection. People wear them based on the love that they have for their designs and the material used to make them. If you are looking to invest in a necklace, you should look for one that has a meaning and not just some decoration.

If you know anything about jewellery you will know how important it is to have a beautiful and complete neckline. Your outfit remains incomplete in any occasion if it is not complimented with a matching necklace. Our necklaces are customizable and we will personally help you through the entire procedure. Designer necklaces make the best fashion statement.

Be it a wedding, a cocktail party or even a get together. You need not go anywhere without a stunning neck piece. Look for the best designed diamond necklaces that we have. Keeping the upcoming trends and fashion sense in mind we have presented the most unique collection for you. The collection of diamond necklace in Kolkata is nowhere better than our online store.

The dancing emerald necklace is an example of the stupendous and classy necklaces that there are. This floral and shining pattern studded in this necklace is the reason why you should shop with us. What can be better than ruby and pearl coming together in one necklace? What if we tell you we have one such necklace even with diamonds over it?

If you want to look modern and fashionable then we will suggest you to buy this Royal diamond necklace which has a V-neckline and look absolutely stunning. This designer necklace in Kolkata is among one of the best pieces of jewellery that there is.

In conclusion we would encourage you to shop your heart out at our exclusively fantastic online jewellery store. Flaunt your necklace with pride and happy shopping.


Most Expensive Solitaire Imperial Pendant in Kolkata


Pendants have become the latest trend in fashion arena. If you are crazy about fashion and carry a decent knowledge of dressing up then you will know how essential it is to wear an appropriate neck piece. Since it is certainly not possible to put on a heavy or a V-line necklace all the time we come to pendants. The best part about a pendant is that it can be paired up with any kind of outfit of your choice. You can wear it with a western outfit as well as a traditional outfit like a sari or a lehenga.

What’s the best way to add some punch to an otherwise so-so outfit? A slight light weighted pendant. The demand for diamond pendant in Kolkata is very high and you will find the most rare and classy designs in our store. Here we present the Solitaire Cluster Pendant which one of the most solitaire imperial pendant in Kolkata. Nowhere will you be able to find such an astonishing piece of jewellery in Kolkata.

If you want to change something then worry not, we are open for customization. Just take a look at the beautiful diamond stones engraved in a super sophisticated manner. On top of all that the pattern in which this design is made it looks very pretty. Make this pendant a part of your closet right now. Go to our online store and seal the deal. If you have any queries then we are here to help you every step of the way.

First of all one need to make sure that the whole neckpiece is clearly visible. So choose your outfit according. Tube tops or off shoulder dresses go best with neckpieces. They not only flaunt your neck area but make it attractive too. But even if you wear a neck covering top then put a lower chain and makes this pendant prominent.

This pendant has jewel drops which make it an absolute pleasure to the eyes. You will love how the entire design is crafted with such intricate and minute details. The best part about this entire pendant is how the diamond stones are placed without any falter and each stone is highlighted with equal distortion.

You will love how beautifully this particular pendant is and how it suits you. So, go ahead and make this extraordinary purchase. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


5 Rare & Expensive Diamond pendants in Kolkata

diamond pendant

Diamond pendants are trending at the top in every fashion blogger’s closet and we cannot stop either. However it is very important that the pendants you choose are rare and special at the same time. So, here we present the most rare and classy Diamond Jewellery in Kolkata  you can buy  at our online fashion store:

  1. Purple bud pendant

There’s this thing about colored pendant that is completely unexplainable. This one is just completely out of the box and perfect. A precious purple colored stone has been enshrined in the middle of it. This pendant is just the perfect jewellery item one needs for their closet. Go ahead and make this pendant yours at our online jewellery store.

  1. L pendant

Once you look at this pendant which is available for sale in the category of diamond pendant in Kolkata you will see how the diamond designs look like rhinestones are placed in a mesmerizing shape and design. The design is so perfect that you will absolutely fall in love with it. Don’t think too much and go ahead to grab this at our store.

  1. Sunflower pendant

This is by far one of the best diamond pendant designs. You can see the floral look it has. This rare piece of jewel will steal the show and bring all eyes on you. The craftsmanship of diamond stones is beyond any comparisons. Once you have laid your eyes on it there will be no second thoughts to why you should buy this pendant. The best part is that it can match with any outfit that you will wear.

  1. Orchid Pendant

What is better and more beautiful than diamond leaved complemented by a pearl stone? Nothing. This diamond pendant is the exact synonym of gorgeousness. If you don’t believe us then right now go to our online store and take a look at it. When you pair up this pendant with earrings and a great outfit then no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

  1. Lilac Pendant

We have saved the best for the last. You all know accessories are the most important details in every outfit and this pendant is perfect to make you feel unique. Once you take a look at this you will think that it is everything you ever wanted. If you liked our selection then don’t stop here. Go to our jewellery store and browse more because we have a very wide selection to choose form and steal your heart.