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How to choose designer rings for multiple purposes?

Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata, Designer Rings in Kolkata

Designer rings are an exquisite set of ornaments that can glam up any type of outfit. These rings are certainly a big investment and you will not want to invest on them again and again. But, hey! Here is the good news you can wear the same designer ring for multiple occasions. We at Goldenstreet present to you the best collection of rings to choose from. Right from Solitaire, diamond to rings studded with other precious stones.

Since you are choosing a ring to suit up for every possible occasion make it a point that it looks stunning as hell. If need be customize it as per your choices. Our specialized team of designers will give you exactly what you want. Buying a ring can be a tricky business sometimes. You ought to think about the person you’re buying it for. Consider their taste in design or their fondness for jewellery. Pick up a ring that will go with their lifestyle taste.

The range of Designer Rings in Kolkata  is very affordable. You will certainly love the wide variety that we are going to present in front of you. Moreover, the fact that ring can make a prominent style statement it is coherent that you have certain rings in your closet. The best part about gifting a ring to a woman is that she will cherish its importance for the rest of her life.

While you customize a ring it presents a well thought out idea. Your effort and special concern is reflected to your loved ones. If it is for engagement or wedding give no second thoughts and jump to the diamond section. Make sure it is embellished with diamonds. If your wedding ring already contains precious gems, consider an anniversary band in a similar style but with different gems—the birth stones of your children perhaps?

Other than this there are several other creative ideas you can opt for in order to customize your rings. Most importantly you need to understand the fact that there are hundreds of creative ideas for customization. Moreover, if you don’t wish to get into the complication of customization and ideas then you can simply choose one from our collection.

We suggest you to go head and pick up the rings you want from our Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata without any doubts in your head. Feel free to contact us for any sort of queries.


Top 3 Bridal Rings For Men

Astounding Ring

When it comes to wedding season men must also get their diamond rings to the next level. The astounding ring has the perfect charm for it. The ring has small diamond stones enshrined on both sides of the centre stone. It definitely is the perfect ring for a bridal occasion.

Axelle Ring

Axelle ring is the most poignant and astounding ring in the entire collection. You will find that this ring has an amazing design on the sides which make it even more attractive. For a male hand this is the perfect ring. It is also suitable as a gift; you can gift it to the groom for the wedding. No matter what this ring is surely among the top in the entire collection.

Rustic Charm Ring

Noble, elegant and royal. These words perfectly define the excellent and breathtaking look of this ring. Grooms need to look equally stunning with their jewel pieces. This ring is the perfect thing to wear for a wedding. Diamond rings in Kolkata come with excellent design. So keep browsing through our tore for more of such designs.

Top 3 Diamond Rings Of The Celebrities

Felicity Jones

We caught a glimpse of Felicity Jones’s diamond engagement ring at the GLAMOUR Awards and it was stunning, guys! The Rogue One actress is engaged to film director Charles Guard, and was sporting the round rock on her wedding finger. Proving once again, that round diamonds are definitely having a moment amongst A-list brides.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande was wearing what appeared to be a diamond engagement ring during the One Love Manchester Charity Concert. And this was not the first time her eagle-eyed fans spotted the bling on her finger. Her Instagram shots promoting the Dangerous Woman tour also featured the band. Ari has confirmed dating rapper Mac Miller on The Ellen Show in September last year, but the duo goes way back, having met in 2013 while collaborating on her track ‘The Way’.

Emily VanCamp

Looks like this will be the year of the round diamond stunner. Emily VanCamp joins our list with her rather sparkly new accessory, after announcing her engagement to Revenge co-star Josh Bowman. The couple met on set and will be tying the knot after five years of dating. If you are fond of rings then d check out Diamond Rings in Kolkata that will be perfect for purchase.

3 Best Bridal Rings For Women

Diva Ring

Gorgeous and elegant. This ring is sure to get you noticed no matter what you team it with! While you keep browsing for diamond rings in Kolkata this one is a must have and an amazing one to go with. For any bridal occasion pair your outfit with this ring and it will be a perfect match.

Divine Lady Ring

In the very first look you will find this ring an absolute pleasure to your eyes. The ring has a divine and royal look. It has one big diamond stone studded in the middle and two small diamond stones put on each side making a proper coordinated look. This ring will be an absolute gem in your closet.

Basil Ring

Simple and sophisticated. This will be a great addition to your ring collection! The ring has four beautiful diamond stones inculcated on it giving the most pious look that there is. It has a flair look which complements the design very aptly. Buy this extraordinary ring and make it a part of your closet.

3 Diamond Men’s Solitaire Rings

Love Triangle Ring

You might have seen diamond rings with a gold body but this one is different. The color of the ring’s body is silver and the diamond is shaped in a fine three pieced stone. If you choose one phrase to define this ring it will be completely out of the box. Go ahead and pick this up for your man and spoil him with surprises.

Emperor Ring

This ring screams royalty, elegance and grandeur. You will like to gift this diamond ring to your king. While you buy fashion jewellery online don’t forget to take a look at the entire collection of men’s solitaire rings. We have many more amazing rings to choose from as well.

Stately Princess Ring

We continue our trend of keeping the best for the last and here we are. To buy diamond rings in Kolkata we strongly suggest checking all the rings from this post and keeping browsing. This ring posses strength and control. A rhombus shaped diamond stone is everything one could have asked for.

Top 5 Diamond Rings Of All Time

  1. Leaf Band Ring

Buy this diamond ring for your charming look. You will love the detailing and design details done on this particular ring. The diamond stone looks excellent and exquisite with the leafy design that has been portrayed. At our store you can buy Fashion Jewellery Online in Kolkata.

  1. Divine Lady Ring

Look like an elegant lady with this particular diamond ring. This ring shows class, elegance and stature. You will absolutely fall in love with the marvelous design that has been done on this ring. Buy this from our store at the best price. Buy Diamond Jewellery online and be completely satisfied.

  1. Amber Ring

It’s good to stand out of the crowd and show uniqueness. This ring possesses a charming personality. You will see how different and unique this ring is. The style of this particular diamond jewellery is different and amazingly beautiful.

  1. Diva Ring

As the name suggest, be the dive by wearing this ring. This diamond ring is beautiful and you are sure to fall in love with this. There is no doubt how much you are going to appreciate the presence of this ring.

  1. Flirty Ring

Be trendy, be fashionable. That is exactly what this ring is dictating. The diamond has been sculpted in a fine manner giving the overall structure of the ring a classic look. Go ahead and make this gorgeous ring a part of your closet.