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Top 3 Diamond Bridal jewellery of Indian Celebrities

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

One of the most beautiful women on the planet chose to be heavily bejeweled on her wedding day. The result turned out to be mesmerizing. Aishwarya looked stunning in precious jewels and gems. Diamond kundan jewellery made this beautiful bride sparkle like a princess. But one piece that particularly stood out was her grand neckpiece.

Shilpa Shetty

The svelte and sensuous Shilpa Shetty was at her best as a bride. She chose to keep it traditional and was decked with jewels. In a typical Mangalorean style, from her maang tikka, armlet and the kamarbandh, everything was in its right place. Her gajra added to her jeweled look.

Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia’s bridal look can just make you imitate her as it is. The stunning bride looked classy in her jewellery choice. Diamond-laded Ayesha, looked beautiful in the stunning jewellery pieces she wore. Her diamond necklace stood out amongst the jewels she wore.

The craze for bridal jewellery never ends and Bridal Jewellery in Kolkata is the new trend as well. Keep shopping and lighten up your wedding with some jewellery craze.

Top 5 Diamond Fashion Jewellery For Parties

Love Dance earring

Bring out the glamour by pairing these earrings with your party outfit. Shine like the diamond of the party with this gorgeous diamond jewellery. There are no doubts when it comes to selecting your party accessories that a diamond earring is the must. Well we are here presenting the best from our collection.

Little Hearts ring

Gorgeous and elegant. This ring is sure to get you noticed no matter what you team it with! This will be a great addition to your ring collection! This is the perfect example of fashion simplicity along with a stylish appeal. Go to our store to buy diamond fashion jewellery in Kolkata and be completely satisfied.

The Tri Drop Panna necklace

This stunning necklace is the best piece of party wear jewellery that you can own. If you are willing to buy diamond necklace in Kolkata then go and look in and out through our website which has such a wide range of jewellery pieces to choose from. The green colored gems and diamonds make the best pair of jewellery set that there is.

Droplet Diamond bracelet

Hands down to this one. Simple and sophisticated. These two words best describe this diamond bracelet. There is also a beautiful pearl stone that is engraved in the necklace giving it a wholly appealing look to go with. Be the centre of attraction whenever you wear this gorgeous bracelet.

Festal pendant

When it comes to getting diamond pendant buy diamond fashion jewellery in Kolkata, Festal pendant is an ideal one. This is an investment that you will not regret. Take a look at the detailed work that is done on this pendant with the best diamond stones. No one will be able to take their eyes off this necklace. Go ahead and make this a part of your closet soon.

Best Diamond Designer Jewelleries

Florine ring

Nothing compares to the elegant and beautiful posture of this florine ring. This ring has a marvelous design which will attract your attention immediately. Your closet is missing on the best ring. Quickly visit our store for designer jewellery in Kolkata and be completely satisfied.

The White Wedding set

This diamond jewellery set is all you need to buy at the moment. Look at the gorgeous craftsmanship that is done with the stones giving such an aesthetic look to the jewellery altogether. The earrings go perfectly with the necklace giving it a whole another new definition. Browse through our website for more such jewellery sets that will steal your heart.

The Multi fusion necklace

Once you look at this necklace set we can promise you that there is nothing else you will want. The colorful stones along with the diamond placed makes for the best jewellery set ever. It is always fun to play with colors and do a little experimenting. This necklace and earring set is just the perfect example for it.

Top 3 Diamond Jewellery Used In Indian Cinema

Diamond necklaces and earrings in Jodhaa Akbar

The royal film was the talk of the town not because of just the storyline and actors but the jewellery that was worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was exquisite. The heavy diamond ornaments and gold jewels that were shown in the movie were specially designed for the actress and her scenes. We couldn’t keep our eyes off them throughout the entire movie. Released in the first decade of the 21st century, Jodha Akbar appears with a vast range of gorgeous jewelleries inspired by Mughal era. It goes through traditional Rajputi jewellery worn by Jodha (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), the princess of Jaipur defining new concepts for fashion designers.

Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo

Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor starrer Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie is a totally royal family drama. There Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor could be seen wearing royal outfits with traditional and exclusive jewellery designed by PNG Jewelers. After the heavy diamond studded jewellery worn by Sonam kapoor it became a style statement and became very demanding among the people. If you wish to purchase stylish diamond jewellery then you can easily buy diamond fashion jewellery online in Kolkata. There are ample numbers of online stores with a wide range of collection.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

The big family drama Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham makes remember from Karan Johar’s other films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai; still it has a few scenes in which leading actress Jaya Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Kajol could be seen wearing designer diamond jewellery and heavy outfits. Later, these accessories and dress were loved by local jewellery lovers to get new customized jewelleries. Their jewellery designs were well appreciated and loved by many jewellery makers as well giving them new ideas.

hair clip

Top 3 Diamond Head Accessories

hair clip


Diamond tiaras are classy, elegant and show class. They are still very much in fashion and worn by people all the time. Be it for your kid daughter or for a special occasion. A diamond tiara is the best piece of diamond jewel that you can own. For weddings too people prefer to wear a small diamond tiara to add up to the entire look. All you need to do is find a store where you can buy diamond jewellery online.


Right from royalty to charm, a mangtika makes up for all the grace a woman carries. A complete ethnic look is well appreciated by a diamond mangtika. You can find a beautiful piece of mangtika as per your choice from any jewellery store online. Go ahead and add this extensive accessory to your closet. Mangtika when studded with beautiful diamond stones makes up for a perfect look.

Diamond hair clips

These studded and beaded diamond hair clips enhance the look of any outfit with a simple radiance that can go a long way. These beaded clips come in various designs and shapes, such as butterflies, flowers, spirals, and wings and can be used on unique hairdos such as puff, braids, ponytails etc. You can easily buy diamond jewellery online and style your hairstyle in different manner.

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Best diamond Jewellery for Anniversary Gift

The Ethnic Chic Necklace

There is no better gift than a beautiful diamond necklace embedded with pearls. You will absolutely fall in love with how this necklace has a beautiful studded look. The craft of the jewellery makes it a perfect anniversary gift. In addition to this to buy diamond jewellery online in Kolkata you need to get the fact that our store has a wide array of collection to choose from. Go ahead and make this necklace a part of your wardrobe soon.

The White Wedding Set

This diamond set is the best suited thing for an anniversary present. The matching pair of earrings just adds up to the gorgeous look of the entire necklace set. You will absolutely love how stunning and graceful the entire look of the necklace is. There are minute details with diamond stones which is just the best.

The Jingling Diamond Set

The saying to save the best for the last continues. This set is extremely eye catching and charming. With gold and diamond linings all over the precious jewellery it sends all sorts of elegant vibes. Make sure to check more in our collection as well. You will surely adore the work that has been inculcated in this absolutely lovable necklace.

Top 5 new sets of Diamond Fashion Jewellery

  1. The Panna Broad Chain set

Our store has an amazing collection of diamond necklace sets but this one is sure to steal your attention. Take a look at the gorgeous design and green colored stone designs that you will absolutely fall in love with. This fashionable jewellery is on set and on fleek for any given occasion.

  1. The Panna Moti Styling set

No matter if you are going for an ethnic, traditional outfit or a western one; this fashion jewellery set is just the best for you. You don’t have to worry about how beautiful you are going to appear with this necklace and the matching earrings by your side.

  1. The Emerald Mina Necklace

Emerald is just everyone’s favorite. The stunning design on the necklace and the similar pair of earrings is tremendously beautiful. You will love how these designs are so unique and special in their own way. Our store has many such collections.

  1. The White wedding set

Hands down this is the most elegant diamond set that you will have ever seen. With a pure and serene look this diamond set speaks for itself. You will be mesmerized by the charm this one gives. It is about time that this diamond set is a part of your closet.

  1. The Jingling diamond set

This fashion jewellery set will explain you what perfection looks like. Get ready to be swept down your feet after you have seen these necklace and earrings. Providing you with a reasonable price and amazing designs. You will love how the diamonds stones are embedded giving an appealing look altogether.