Top 3 Diamond Bridal Earring

Keara Earring

Keara earring has a very pretty design which will be best for any bridal occasion. The design of this earring is extraordinary and very pleasing to the eyes. The structure of this earring is made in such a beautiful manner that you will be bound to buy it after looking at them. To buy bridal jewellery in Kolkata keep looking at the amazing collection on our website.

Love Dance Earring

What is a wedding without jewellery that steals all the looks? This earring is the best example of such a description. Studded with three extraordinary diamond stones and beautiful patterns to the side of it this pair of diamond earrings is a must have for your closet.

Radiant Earring

We continue to save the best for the last. Radiant earring has inculcated eight diamond stones and perfectly gives the wedding vibes. To buy and check out more diamond earrings in Kolkata go through the vast collection on our store and pick the one that suits you the most.


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