Top 5 Diamond Bracelet Designs

Olive Diamond Bracelet

This particular diamond bracelet has its very own charm with the green stone enshrined to it along with all the diamonds studded. The graceful look and design is a complete eye catching element. If you are looking to buy diamond bracelet in Kolkata then this is the perfect place for you.

Droplet Diamond Bracelet

There isn’t any other better combination than that of pearl and diamonds. This bracelet speaks for it with the design. Make this a part of your closet and pair it with almost any outfit to get the best look that there is.

Pearl Melody Bracelet

As stated above the eternal combination of pearl and diamond continues. You will be stunned to see how elegant this looks with traditional and ethnic clothes. If there is any event coming up then make sure to style it up with this bracelet.

Real Love Bracelet

Just so you know there is no perfect gift other than a diamond bracelet. The heart shape on this bracelet seems like it was made for you only. Go ahead and buy this real love bracelet to gift anyone. More importantly the intricate work that is styled on these bracelets justifies this purchase.

Heritage Bracelet

Heritage bracelet is possibly one of the best diamond bracelets you can buy online in Kolkata. It has the most number of mall diamond stones making it a pleasant piece of jewellery ever. Once you look at it there is no way that you will be able to take your eyes off them.



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