Top 5 Cocktail Earrings Design Available Online

The Moti Ball tops

This earring has a very spectacular design in terms that the pearls are creating a very magnificent spiral design. This is something you might not have seen before. Our collection of Designer Earrings in Kolkata is completely out of the box and you will absolutely love these.

The Divine Chandelier

If you are looking for Cocktail Earrings in Kolkata then this certainly is the best pick. We offer earrings for every occasion and that too from a very wide variety. This one has a very beautiful and pretty design that will be loved by everyone. Go ahead and grab these earrings to match with your cocktail outfit.

The Entangled Ruby Chandelier

This one again is a ruby studded earring with many ruby stones and a significantly stylish design along with. In addition to this it is a very pretty set of earrings that will suit you no matter what you wear with it. Any kind of dress is it traditional or western will go with these earrings.

The Pearl Marquise tops

These tops are simple but possess a very sophisticated look at the same time. They are extraordinary in the sense that it does have a pearl stone embedded in between but also has crafty and stylish designs surrounding it.

The Panna Baguette tops

These tops are enshrined with green stones and diamonds giving a very intricate look. We can assure you that the jewellery that we have in our store is one of a kind and you cannot find it everywhere you like.


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