5 Best Designed Diamond Pendants

Iconic pendant

As the title says it is iconic as ever. This particular diamond pendant gives the vibe of a floral pendant as well. To your amusement you will love how this piece of jewel has different shapes of finely cut diamond stones placed in such an apt manner giving an overall charming gesture.

Iris Pendant

Iris pendant is one of a kind diamond pendant. You will not find such a pretty pendant anywhere. The great thing about this one is that it is neutral when it comes to matching with clothes. You will appreciate how it coordinates with any type of clothing. At our store buy diamond pendants online in Kolkata and love what you wear.

Lilac pendant

This pendant is just breathtaking. You will fall in love with the marvelous design and gorgeous work that has been done on it. In order to buy diamond designer jewellery in Kolkata makes sure to browse through more on our website as well.

Estatic pendant

Elegant, royal and charming. These words best describe the style, aura and personality of the pendant. Diamond pendants have a whole another different taste and there is no doubt that your closet needs to have this. Add this to your jewellery collection and be completely satisfied.

Sunflower pendant

You will not regret this purchase at all. Just take a look at the design of this pendant. The detailing is so intricate and amusing. No matter what but this is sure to take your heart at the first glance. Wear this for any occasion and be the star of the night.


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