Top 5 Fashion Jewellery Set Of Diamond

The Panna broad chain set

This set of fashion jewellery is worth your investment. You will love the customized work that is inculcated in the chain and matching earrings too. The green colour gem just sparks up the whole look. It is a perfect of jewellery set for any special occasion.

The Panna moti styling set

This is by far the most gorgeous necklace set that you have ever seen. The necklace and earring has heavy amount of work done to give a solid finishing. Diamonds are placed marvellously and gorgeously. In addition to this you will be delighted to know that the entire set has several minutedetailing done to get an overall pretty look.

The Ruby Grandeur necklace

As the name suggests this fashion jewellery set has been styled with an excellent combination of rubies. Rubies and diamonds work as the most fabulous combination. You need to have this jewellery set in your closet.

The Emerald mina necklace

The speciality about this necklace is that it comes with a beautiful pair of earrings that just double up the beauty of this necklace. You will be astonished to see the beauty the green emerald represents with the diamonds. You will be the eye of the show with this pretty necklace along with.

The saffire mina necklace

When you put this necklace with the matching earrings that is available in our store; take the work it will look fantastic on you. You will very pretty and absolutely stunning. This is a must have trendy necklace set. This designer jewellery will successfully steal the show. You can always buy fashion jewellery online with Golden Street store.


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