Why Diamond Jewellery Is So Attractive?

We all need to understand that whatever said and done, diamonds are the hardest mineral on earth and it takes more than 250-300 + tons of ore to produce after finding a rough stone and get a 1.00 carat gem quality diamond. The large scale mining projects across the world controlled by large diamond mining corporations, invest billions of dollars every year to produce and control the supply chain as in the end they know the demand for diamonds will not reduce by the end consumer. The marketing skills & tactics which were used by De Beers many years ago have spread across the globe and it is quite difficult to turn it around.

We have to admire their skills and idea’s to create a monopoly trading industry (not prevalent in today’s changing times), which conquered the world and started a trading system for everyone to make fair amount of profit rather than ripping off the consumer hard earn wealth. Of course in the end the people who made this monopoly trading system are making lot money and have generated a power where they can control countries and even governments. There are things in this world where we cannot control or change as if even try the system itself will eat us alive.

They are precious PARTLY because they are extremely rare and very beautiful and because they will last just about forever if kept in proper storage. (Away from fire, etc.). Because they are considered precious just about everywhere in the world, and small and easy to hide and transport from place to place, they are also extremely valuable serving as HARD MONEY. When paper money is worthless, gold and diamonds are still accepted in trade. And there is no competition to diamond designer jewellery.

They are VALUABLE because they are extremely hard and thus the very best material to use for certain industrial purposes.People say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds often receive attention and dominate other precious stones. It has been known to mankind for ages and has been used since the ancient times.Initially, many believed diamonds could bring luck and success and could counter astrological events. There were people that wore diamonds as charms believing in their ability to heighten sexual prowess and attract others. Plato even wrote about diamonds as living beings, embodying celestial spirits. People buy fashion jewellery online all the time and especially diamond. Hence, it is not wrong to say that it is the most loved jewellery after all.


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