5 Best Diamond Jewellery That We Saw On Red Carpet Of OSCAR

Charlize Theron Oscars 2017

Image Source:  https://goo.gl/ZCNzTy

Charlize Theron wore a pair of statement earrings by Chopard featuring a 25-carat pear-shaped D-flawless diamond and 26-carat heart-shaped D-flawless diamond, 4.55-carats of pear-shaped diamonds and 4.35-carats of brilliant-cut diamonds set in 18k white ‘Fair-minded’ gold from the “Garden of Kalahari Collection.” If you can remove your eyes from the earrings she also wore a ring with a 7.11-carat pear-shaped diamond and 1.14-carat of diamonds set in 18k white gold, and a diamond ring featuring a 4.04-carat diamond set in 18k white gold, both from the “High Jewellery Collection.”

Nicole Kidman Oscars 2017

Image Source:  https://goo.gl/x22QkY

Red carpet favourite, Nicole Kidman, nominee for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, wears more than 119 carats of Harry Winston jewels and even added a bit of color with Winston Cluster Diamond and Spinel Drop Earrings in platinum and 18k yellow gold; Vintage 1963 Winston Cluster Diamond Bracelet in platinum; Splash Diamond Bracelet in platinum; and Winston Cluster Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring in platinum.

Karlie Kloss

Image Source:  https://goo.gl/BlkcFQ

Model Karlie Kloss wore a statement 18k white gold choker set with 38 carats of diamonds from the Nirav Modi Mughal collection; and a pair of 18k white and rose earstuds set with more than 5 carats of diamonds from the Indian diamond jewellery brand’s Entremblant Collection. This designer jewellery became very popular among the mass later on. You can purchase fashion jewellery online at very decent costs in case you are passionate about jewellery.

Kristin Cavallari

Image Source:  https://goo.gl/qY3nYM

Kristin Cavallari wore a Pasquale Bruni diamond collar necklace and Hearts on Fire diamond earrings and rings. She was representing all diamond with her complete diamond sets. Her necklace was such that it could be paired with any piece of outfit giving a modest look in total.

Janelle Monae

Image Source:  https://goo.gl/yC3dnq

Janelle Monae wore $1.5 million worth of Forevermark diamond jewelry, including Forevermark Cluster Stud Earrings set in 18k yellow gold, Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Radiant Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond with side trillions set in platinum, Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Two Stone Ring with a 5.03-carat Radiant Diamond and 5.02-carat Fancy Yellow Radiant Diamond set in Platinum, Forevermark Two Stone Ring with round and pear shaped diamonds set in 18k white gold, and Forevermark by Rahaminov Two Stone Ring with fancy yellow diamonds set in 18k white and yellow Gold.


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