Top 7 Diamond Jewelleries Of Indian Royals

Patiala Necklace

patiala necklace

Weighing almost 1000 carats, Patiala necklace was made for the Maharaja in 1928 by Cartier; the bib-like Art Deco necklace featured five rows of diamond-encrusted platinum chains and over-sized gems. It included as its centerpiece the famous De Beers diamond, a cushion-cut pale yellow diamond weighing 234.69 carats. This was worn by Maharaja of Patiala, Yadavindra Singh.

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The Famous Baroda Diamond Necklace

This magnificent ceremonial necklace with diamonds and emeralds was worn by the Maharaja (King) of Baroda, India in the 1860s. It was said to have been broken up in the 1940s to provide stones for anklets for the new Maharani (Queen) of Baroda, Sita Devi.

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Maharaja Of Nawanagar’s Turban Aigrette

This breathtaking 61.50-carat whiskey-colored diamond, ‘The Eye of the Tiger’, was mounted by Cartier in a turban aigrette for the Maharaja of Nawanagar (India) in 1934. The Maharaja had it specifically made out for him. This beautiful piece of diamond jewellery still prevails in the museum for the people to take a glimpse at.

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Maharaja Bhupendra’s Aigrette

Maharaja Bhupendra Singh of Patiala, 1911 wears an aigrette or Sarpech by Cartier and various other turban ornaments. While the front of aigrette is set with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, the back shows the intricacy of craftsmanship with foliate motifs of red, green and blue enamel. He also wears a necklace of fourteen strands of natural pearls.

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Maharaja Sayaiji Rao’s Necklace

This ruler was known for wearing his famous seven row diamond necklace and other diamond ornaments. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, virtually every Indian Maharaja commissioned state photographs of themselves wearing their most important jewelry as a symbol of their power and position.

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Baroda Set Of Maharani Of Baroda

The “Baroda Set” ordered by the Maharani of Baroda, “The Indian Wallis Simpson”, wife of the Maharaja of Baroda. This impressive suite of jewellery was designed by Jacques Arpels for Sita Devi, the second wife of Maharaja Pratapsinh Gaekwad of Baroda. It consists of 13 pear-shaped Colombian emeralds – 154 carats in total – suspended from diamonds set in the shape of a lotus flower. All the gems were all supplied by the Maharani and belonged to the Baroda Crown Jewels.

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Maharaja Of Nawanagar’s Necklace


The Maharaja was known to have an Emerald and diamond necklace, containing 17 rectangular emeralds, 277 carats. The emerald in the pendant weighed 70 carats and was reputed to have come from the collection of a former Sultan of Turkey. Jacques Cartier set it in an Art deco piece for the Maharaja of Nawanagar.

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