Top 3 trending earrings in Kolkata

It is that time of the year again when earrings are taking all over the fashion statement. Glam up your look with stylish and trendsetting earrings. Beauty and culture at its best come together at our store, Goldenstreet. In addition to this, the wide range of earrings that we offer at our store. We know it is no easy task to pick just one among all these gorgeous earrings that we have. Whether you are in love with pearls, simple tops or aesthetic chandeliers; we have everything for you.  Your one stop for designer jewellery in Kolkata is here.

Here are top three earrings for you to style up in your wardrobe:-

The Divine Chandelier

designer jewellery in Kolkata

How can anyone go blind sight when it comes to this chandelier? One of the best in our entire collection; the divine chandelier has an awesome spiral design to go with. It has lovely stone drops which looks absolutely pretty. This chandelier is all that you need for your closet.

The Moti Ball Tops

designer jewellery in Kolkata

There is nothing as such too many pearls. This pair of earrings screams that out loud and vocal. These pearls just give the most authentic vibes that one needs for the closet. The design is definitely one of a kind and absolutely pleasing. The best part about moti balls is that you will be able to pair it up with anything. Like the tension of choosing the right outfit will dissolve.

Hotstar earring

Women are super fond of diamonds and there is nothing more eye catching than that. The circular shape of this pair can be worn for office or casual purposes as well. The perfectly shaped diamonds are studded with so much elegance that you simply cannot resist. Don’t stop here and keep looking for designer rings in Kolkata at our store.


Goldenstreet offers so many more earrings in our closet that you will be thrilled. Go ahead and pick the ones you are attracted to. Feel free to contact us for any kind of queries and we promise to assist you every stop of the way. Happy Shopping!



Top 3 trending earrings in Kolkata

Kolkata is all sparkled up this time of the year with the extensive Pujo environment and common love that people share for festivity. It is never too late to add a couple more ornaments to your closet. Last minute Pujo shopping is the spree of the season that we all need this year.

Goldenstreet has always believed in the power of celebrating fashion and not just wearing it. You will be taken by awe once you see the amazing trendy earring collection we have at our online fashion jewellery store in Kolkata. While there is an endless list to the beautiful diamond and other precious stone embellished earrings to present before you; we strongly recommend you to check out these top three trending earrings for this season.

Moti Ball Topsdesigner rings in Kolkata

There is never anything as such too much pearl in the world of fashion. Being in Kolkata you will know this more than anyone and everyone. These moti studded earrings are an absolute delight to your eyes. They look so stylish and are going to compliment each and every look that you put on. Also, it is impossible to find such exquisite and precious jewellery at such affordable range except for our online jewellery store.

Keara Earring

It’s your time to shine like a diamond. We understand how much the significance of diamonds is and therefore we proudly present our exotic and mind boggling range of diamond earrings. These are up to date with fashion and very trendy in their look. The Keara earring is one the many modern designed earrings that we have in store for you. Go ahead and make this lovely piece of ornament yours before it’s too late.

Splendid Earring

Care for a vintage vibe with your earrings? Here it is for you. The Splendid earring is such an absolute lovely crafted piece of jewellery that it needs no further explanation to begin with. This piece of earring will be loved by you no matter what age group you belong to. Earrings know no time and age. Goldenstreet is a firm believer in the power of fashion. These earrings are a reflection of the same.

Did you like what you saw here? This is not even a proper glimpse of what we further have in store for you. To get the best collection of designer jewellery in Kolkata; do pay a visit to our website and make a purchase that suits your style. We assure you that the best designer rings in Kolkata lie nowhere but at Goldenstreet. Happy Shopping!

Bollywood design Diamond Necklace at cheapest rate in Kolkata

diamond necklace in Kolkata

How many times have you looked at an actress and wondered if that gorgeous necklace that she is wearing could be yours? Isn’t it true that we all drool over the stunning jewellery actresses wear in Bollywood movies? The wait is almost over for you because Goldenstreet is here. Our online jewellery has the best collection of necklaces for women in Kolkata.

Something you have never seen before

That’s right, head onto our online jewellery website to find such extraordinary necklaces which you would have never seen before. The White Wedding Set or the Ethnic Chic necklaces are some of the most suitable examples that will make you understand how beautiful our collection is.

Once you wear the diamond necklaces that we have to offer you will look no less than the Bollywood actresses you watch on screen. They are at absolutely affordable rates with complete customization facilities.

Looking for diamond necklace in Kolkata?

Well, it turns out you have stumbled upon the right place. Nowhere else in Kolkata will you find Bollywood designed necklaces at such a magnificent price. Goldenstreet has separately categorized all the necklaces as per occasion for your personnel convenience. You will get the most exquisite range of diamond necklace in Kolkata.

The best part is that you can ask us to customize them as per your demands and we will present it to you. Right from pearls, ruby, emeralds and obviously diamonds we have everything that you will ever need in the space of jewellery.

Crazy about diamonds? So are we.

There is nothing as such too much diamonds. The Dense diamond necklace and Royal diamond necklace in our store speak for it loud and clear. The elegant and charming look of these necklaces will steal your heart. Just imagine how awesome it would be to enter a cocktail party or a wedding wearing a stunning Bollywood designed diamond necklace. Damn!

Make every occasion count. Don’t think too much and head to our store right away to buy the best diamond necklaces of your choice. We promise you will not be disappointed and neither will you regret. If stuck at anywhere with any question then don’t hesitate to contact us.

We would love to help you. Till then Happy Shopping!

Amazing things about the long chain type earrings

designer jewellery online in Kolkata

The feisty trend you need to know about

No piece of accessory in the history of fashion industry has been so popular and trendy. Long chain earrings are the most preferred item in a blogger’s closet. There is just so much experimentation that you can do with it. Pair it up with any kind of clothing; be it a chic colored fall dress or an ethnic wear like kurti or sari. The long chain design has a loving touch to it for which women of all ages like it. See, the thing with jhumka is that it is just meant for a traditional outfit but with chain earrings there is just no obligation as such. When you look for designer jewellery online in Kolkata, these earrings are the hot topics.

Be the eye candy

Be the star of the show with a long chain earring on your ears. Don’t know what to wear with your college outfit? Worry not, we have got you covered. Goldenstreet, our online designer jewellery store based in Kolkata will show you a wide variety of rearing and other jewellery items to choose from. Also, we have divided and sorted them out in different categories for your ease. Wear something that is out of the box and the amazing long chain earrings are the perfect thing for it.

Unique and beautiful

See the thing with tassel, pompom and long chain earrings is that they are attention seeking. Not just the size but the whole appearance of such earrings makes it a point to get noticed. When you pick up silver or gold colored chain earrings then they can go out with literally any kind of dress but the same cannot be said with regards to say butterfly or floral designed earrings. The coolest part is not yet over; palazzo pants and casual tops look great with these earrings.

Why you must wear these too and where to find designer jewellery online in Kolkata?

It simply doesn’t matter if you are a fashion junkie or not. This long chain earring will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your aura. We understand how browsing for jewellery can become difficult online; therefore Goldenstreet offers you an exquisite jewellery collection with all kinds of ornaments to choose from.

Be it designer rings in Kolkata or simple earrings we are always on the forefront for you. If you have any queries or any customization demands then please do let us know. We will be happy to help you. Happy shopping!

What kind of earrings you should choose for a party getup?

Designer Rings in Kolkata

Party life is all about that buzz and ambience. You will definitely want to look your best for the occasion. Anyone, be it a fashion junkie or not will surely know the importance of accessories with a good outfit. You can be wearing a very dress but if the right accessories are not styled up then it is definitely of no use. Earrings are the most sophisticated way to add a little glam up to your attire and make yourself look a little more stylish.

We at Goldenstreet understand that everyone will have separate needs and keeping that in mind our extensive section of earrings is a gift to your jewellery needs. We have classified them in separate categories as per the occasions for you to choose from. There is a great variety right from diamond earrings to chandelier and even tops. Whatever floats your boat; go with the flow and pick your favorite one. If you wish to make any changes we are open to customization and our services guarantee you help every step of the way.

If it is a reception or any other bridal occasion then the best thing to pair it with will be chandelier earrings. Nothing can ever go wrong with chandelier. They are just the perfect party stormier. Our high jewellery section has various earrings to choose from. If you want to keep it simple and elegant then we are ready to shock you for that as well. The diamond earrings in our collection are very subtle and extremely trendy.

Don’t think too much and start browsing through our online fashion jewellery store right away. Having said that keep in mind that big and sparkly earrings can never go wrong with anything. No matter what you wear these earrings will always be the highlight of the party. At our store you will get all types of Designer Rings in Kolkata and even Wedding Sets in Kolkata which you can choose from for your special day. Do let us know if we can help you in any way.

The party getup that you choose should be in parallel terms for the earrings that you wear. for example if you are wearing a western dress then the best thing way to glam up that look will be with pearl  earrings or with some tops. But when it comes to ethnic or traditional nothing beats the long chandelier earrings and the diamond earrings as well.

Earrings designs for different Face shapes

designer jewellery in Kolkata

Women are undoubtedly very specific about the jewellery accessories they wear. Earrings are the best way to sparkle up your closet and the trouble is endless. We understand the dilemma and therefore we at Goldenstreet are set to help you select the pair of earrings that will suit your face cut to the best. Earrings can compliment your face look regardless of the fact if it is round, flat, wide or thin.

Here is a selection of earrings along the face type that you must go for. Our online jewellery store in Kolkata has the best designer jewellery in Kolkata. You will absolutely stand amazed and in complete awe once you take a look at our wide selection.

If you have a:

  • Round face

If you are among the women who tend to have a round or healthy face then you must go for tassel or chandelier earrings. These long draping pieces of jewellery will adore your face. These will look absolutely on point with the look that you are possessing. Our high jewellery section has amazing sets of earrings and designer rings in Kolkata which you will not find anywhere else.

  • Diamond face

The best advantage of having a diamond shaped face is that it will sit well with all types of earrings. You have a compatible face. Although, studded diamond tops will look the best with them. Check out the Celeste earring and Evana earring in our diamond earring section. These are some classic examples of the kinds of rings you should have in your wardrobe.

  • Square face

If you don’t know what a square face is then let us help you out a bit. If you observe that the width of your forehead, cheeks and jaw line are similar then you are bound to have a square face. Go for the spiral earring or the twin love earring in our store. We would suggest a few more like the Hazel earring and the Radiant earring.

  • Flat face

Since you have the best jaw line, pearls studded earrings are to go best with your face cut. You will look terrific with any earring that has pretty stones embellished on them. Pearls and ruby would definitely be the first choice considering how amazing they look. The best part about buying designer jewellery from us is that we are open for customization and we will help you design and customize the earrings as per your convenience.

How to choose designer rings for multiple purposes?

Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata, Designer Rings in Kolkata

Designer rings are an exquisite set of ornaments that can glam up any type of outfit. These rings are certainly a big investment and you will not want to invest on them again and again. But, hey! Here is the good news you can wear the same designer ring for multiple occasions. We at Goldenstreet present to you the best collection of rings to choose from. Right from Solitaire, diamond to rings studded with other precious stones.

Since you are choosing a ring to suit up for every possible occasion make it a point that it looks stunning as hell. If need be customize it as per your choices. Our specialized team of designers will give you exactly what you want. Buying a ring can be a tricky business sometimes. You ought to think about the person you’re buying it for. Consider their taste in design or their fondness for jewellery. Pick up a ring that will go with their lifestyle taste.

The range of Designer Rings in Kolkata  is very affordable. You will certainly love the wide variety that we are going to present in front of you. Moreover, the fact that ring can make a prominent style statement it is coherent that you have certain rings in your closet. The best part about gifting a ring to a woman is that she will cherish its importance for the rest of her life.

While you customize a ring it presents a well thought out idea. Your effort and special concern is reflected to your loved ones. If it is for engagement or wedding give no second thoughts and jump to the diamond section. Make sure it is embellished with diamonds. If your wedding ring already contains precious gems, consider an anniversary band in a similar style but with different gems—the birth stones of your children perhaps?

Other than this there are several other creative ideas you can opt for in order to customize your rings. Most importantly you need to understand the fact that there are hundreds of creative ideas for customization. Moreover, if you don’t wish to get into the complication of customization and ideas then you can simply choose one from our collection.

We suggest you to go head and pick up the rings you want from our Designer Jewellery Online in Kolkata without any doubts in your head. Feel free to contact us for any sort of queries.