Top 3 Bridal Earrings You Can Buy Online

 Cloud Nine Earring

This pair of earrings is the best buy for a bridal occasion. It has nine diamond stones beautifully inculcated which gives an astonishing look. The entire charm of the earring is mind blowing. While buying bridal jewellery in Kolkata do consider this one pair of earring for sure.

Style Sync Earring

Style Sync earring has four diamond stones studded in an exquisite manner which makes it look so pretty. Since you are looking for diamond earring in Kolkata we will suggest you to browse through our store and find more suitable pair of earrings that will match your taste. These earrings are one of the best in our entire collection.

Bold Love Earring

Bold Love earring has a heart shaped design which makes it look perfect. This particular diamond earring is good for a bridal gift as well. No matter what the occasion is this pair of earring is for the rescue. You must consider adding this to your closet and wear it whenever an occasion arrives.

Top 3 Bridal Rings For Men

Astounding Ring

When it comes to wedding season men must also get their diamond rings to the next level. The astounding ring has the perfect charm for it. The ring has small diamond stones enshrined on both sides of the centre stone. It definitely is the perfect ring for a bridal occasion.

Axelle Ring

Axelle ring is the most poignant and astounding ring in the entire collection. You will find that this ring has an amazing design on the sides which make it even more attractive. For a male hand this is the perfect ring. It is also suitable as a gift; you can gift it to the groom for the wedding. No matter what this ring is surely among the top in the entire collection.

Rustic Charm Ring

Noble, elegant and royal. These words perfectly define the excellent and breathtaking look of this ring. Grooms need to look equally stunning with their jewel pieces. This ring is the perfect thing to wear for a wedding. Diamond rings in Kolkata come with excellent design. So keep browsing through our tore for more of such designs.

Top 3 Diamond Rings Of The Celebrities

Felicity Jones

We caught a glimpse of Felicity Jones’s diamond engagement ring at the GLAMOUR Awards and it was stunning, guys! The Rogue One actress is engaged to film director Charles Guard, and was sporting the round rock on her wedding finger. Proving once again, that round diamonds are definitely having a moment amongst A-list brides.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande was wearing what appeared to be a diamond engagement ring during the One Love Manchester Charity Concert. And this was not the first time her eagle-eyed fans spotted the bling on her finger. Her Instagram shots promoting the Dangerous Woman tour also featured the band. Ari has confirmed dating rapper Mac Miller on The Ellen Show in September last year, but the duo goes way back, having met in 2013 while collaborating on her track ‘The Way’.

Emily VanCamp

Looks like this will be the year of the round diamond stunner. Emily VanCamp joins our list with her rather sparkly new accessory, after announcing her engagement to Revenge co-star Josh Bowman. The couple met on set and will be tying the knot after five years of dating. If you are fond of rings then d check out Diamond Rings in Kolkata that will be perfect for purchase.

3 Best Bridal Rings For Women

Diva Ring

Gorgeous and elegant. This ring is sure to get you noticed no matter what you team it with! While you keep browsing for diamond rings in Kolkata this one is a must have and an amazing one to go with. For any bridal occasion pair your outfit with this ring and it will be a perfect match.

Divine Lady Ring

In the very first look you will find this ring an absolute pleasure to your eyes. The ring has a divine and royal look. It has one big diamond stone studded in the middle and two small diamond stones put on each side making a proper coordinated look. This ring will be an absolute gem in your closet.

Basil Ring

Simple and sophisticated. This will be a great addition to your ring collection! The ring has four beautiful diamond stones inculcated on it giving the most pious look that there is. It has a flair look which complements the design very aptly. Buy this extraordinary ring and make it a part of your closet.

5 Famous Diamond Bracelet Designs Available Now

Rhombus Margarita Bracelet

This diamond bracelet has a pearl stone embedded in the midst giving a very pretty look. The diamond stones are shaped in such a beautiful manner that the entire look of the bracelet seems to take everyone by awe. Not to forget that the little intricacies that are detailed on this bracelet just makes it look even prettier.

Dewdrop Bracelet

Dewdrop bracelet is one of the rarest designs that one can see. The styling of this bracelet is done in such an amazing way that you will be absolutely stunned after seeing the marvelous combination that it makes with your outfits. Nevertheless this can be paired with both ethnic as well as traditional outfits.

Olive Diamond Bracelet

This diamond bracelet has a green gem stone embedded to the core giving a very elegant look. In addition to that this bracelet also has small diamond stones put on making it look like the perfect jewellery item for any occasion.

Pearl Melody Bracelet

It is yet another breathtaking diamond bracelet that you will need to check out. You can buy this bracelet in Kolkata and suit up your look. To check out more diamond bracelet in Kolkata make sure to browse through our website and get the perfect jewellery for you.

Real Love Bracelet

This gorgeous looking bracelet has three heart shaped designs done over it with multiple diamond stones surrounding it. It will look magnificent on you. You will be stunned to see the elegance and subtle look it has. This bracelet will be one of the best purchases that you will make.

Top 3 Diamond Bridal Earring

Keara Earring

Keara earring has a very pretty design which will be best for any bridal occasion. The design of this earring is extraordinary and very pleasing to the eyes. The structure of this earring is made in such a beautiful manner that you will be bound to buy it after looking at them. To buy bridal jewellery in Kolkata keep looking at the amazing collection on our website.

Love Dance Earring

What is a wedding without jewellery that steals all the looks? This earring is the best example of such a description. Studded with three extraordinary diamond stones and beautiful patterns to the side of it this pair of diamond earrings is a must have for your closet.

Radiant Earring

We continue to save the best for the last. Radiant earring has inculcated eight diamond stones and perfectly gives the wedding vibes. To buy and check out more diamond earrings in Kolkata go through the vast collection on our store and pick the one that suits you the most.

Top 5 Diamond Bracelet Designs

Olive Diamond Bracelet

This particular diamond bracelet has its very own charm with the green stone enshrined to it along with all the diamonds studded. The graceful look and design is a complete eye catching element. If you are looking to buy diamond bracelet in Kolkata then this is the perfect place for you.

Droplet Diamond Bracelet

There isn’t any other better combination than that of pearl and diamonds. This bracelet speaks for it with the design. Make this a part of your closet and pair it with almost any outfit to get the best look that there is.

Pearl Melody Bracelet

As stated above the eternal combination of pearl and diamond continues. You will be stunned to see how elegant this looks with traditional and ethnic clothes. If there is any event coming up then make sure to style it up with this bracelet.

Real Love Bracelet

Just so you know there is no perfect gift other than a diamond bracelet. The heart shape on this bracelet seems like it was made for you only. Go ahead and buy this real love bracelet to gift anyone. More importantly the intricate work that is styled on these bracelets justifies this purchase.

Heritage Bracelet

Heritage bracelet is possibly one of the best diamond bracelets you can buy online in Kolkata. It has the most number of mall diamond stones making it a pleasant piece of jewellery ever. Once you look at it there is no way that you will be able to take your eyes off them.