5 Best Designed Diamond Bangles

Cross Hold bangle

A perfect phrase to match the perfect bangle to complete your look. Stay ahead of the fashion pack with this stylish bangle! There is nothing that looks better than a pair of diamond studded bangles on a woman’s hand. Scan the design and become a fan just like we are.

Superior Diamond bangle

Tranquil and serene. This superior diamond bangle will add an elegant appeal to your appearance. Whether you are looking to buy diamond bangles online in Kolkata or buy diamond designer jewellery in Kolkata this is the perfect place for it and you will love what you find here. We have a wide collection of diamond bangles to choose from.

Old Carving bangle

This beautiful diamond bangle is sure to add a royal charm to your look! Wear this and look absolutely graceful! We have a range of both slim and broad bangles and you are free to choose from any of them. Contact us for any further guidance and support.

Little Blooming bangle

This bangle will give you all sorts of vintage vibes. The perfect combination of elegance and grace. This is sure to add a feminine charm to your overall look. A touch of gold and diamond will work with any casual outfit that your wear! This slim bangle is trendy and modish. A must have accessory!

Camber bangle

Nothing can go wrong with this classic camber bangle. Wear this to jazz up your look! A perfect phrase to match the perfect bangle to complete your look. Stay ahead of the fashion pack with this stylish bangle!

5 Best Designed Diamond Pendants

Iconic pendant

As the title says it is iconic as ever. This particular diamond pendant gives the vibe of a floral pendant as well. To your amusement you will love how this piece of jewel has different shapes of finely cut diamond stones placed in such an apt manner giving an overall charming gesture.

Iris Pendant

Iris pendant is one of a kind diamond pendant. You will not find such a pretty pendant anywhere. The great thing about this one is that it is neutral when it comes to matching with clothes. You will appreciate how it coordinates with any type of clothing. At our store buy diamond pendants online in Kolkata and love what you wear.

Lilac pendant

This pendant is just breathtaking. You will fall in love with the marvelous design and gorgeous work that has been done on it. In order to buy diamond designer jewellery in Kolkata makes sure to browse through more on our website as well.

Estatic pendant

Elegant, royal and charming. These words best describe the style, aura and personality of the pendant. Diamond pendants have a whole another different taste and there is no doubt that your closet needs to have this. Add this to your jewellery collection and be completely satisfied.

Sunflower pendant

You will not regret this purchase at all. Just take a look at the design of this pendant. The detailing is so intricate and amusing. No matter what but this is sure to take your heart at the first glance. Wear this for any occasion and be the star of the night.

5 Best Designed Diamond Necklace

The Tri Drop Panna Necklace

As the name suggests, this diamond necklace has three droplets with green gem stones and many others to the boundary of it. You will love the overall gorgeous look of this necklace and the aura it represents. If you want to buy diamond fashion jewellery in Kolkata then this is the perfect place for you. Go ahead and buy this necklace to suit up for any event.

The Ruby Delight Necklace

As we have from time and again mentioned in our old posts that there is no competition for the combination of ruby and diamond. When paired together they give the best possible combination that there is. Rubies are an elegant gem and they are just so compatible and stunning when added with diamonds.

The Emerald Mina Necklace

It is not just ruby that has all the hearts. Emerald and diamonds make the ultimate combination as well. It is extremely appreciated how the emerald mina necklace has a charm that no other jewelry can match. You must make this a part of your closet soon.

The Ruby Grandeur Necklace

And again we come back to the best pair in the house. This particular necklace set will give you royal vibes. You will be astonished to see how majestic and profound it will look on you. If you wear this for any occasion then all the eyes will be on you.

The Peacock Mina Necklace

We always believe in saving the best for the last and here is the best of the best. There are excellently fine diamond stones that have been engraved with such fine texture. Willing to buy diamond necklace online in Kolkata? This is the best store for you apart from these five us have a wide range still available for you.

Top 3 Bracelet Designs

Heritage Bracelet

You will redefine the concept of gorgeousness after taking a look at this amazing bracelet. The diamond stones and pearl is placed in the most gorgeous manner possible. This bracelet exhibits a sense of authenticity and remarkable noticeable feature as well.


Droplet Diamond Bracelet

Your wardrobe is lacking something if it doesn’t have this bracelet yet. Make this bracelet a part of your collection to look stunning. This one will have a sense of charm and serenity altogether. Make sure to check the others in our store as well. At our store you can easily buy diamond bracelets online.


Olive Diamond Bracelet

As usual we have saved the best for the last. Gazing with a green stone and classic diamond stones this bracelet is all you need right now. No matter what occasion it is you need to buy this bracelet and make it a part of your closet.

Top 3 Diamond Jewellery Used In Indian Cinema

Diamond necklaces and earrings in Jodhaa Akbar

The royal film was the talk of the town not because of just the storyline and actors but the jewellery that was worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was exquisite. The heavy diamond ornaments and gold jewels that were shown in the movie were specially designed for the actress and her scenes. We couldn’t keep our eyes off them throughout the entire movie. Released in the first decade of the 21st century, Jodha Akbar appears with a vast range of gorgeous jewelleries inspired by Mughal era. It goes through traditional Rajputi jewellery worn by Jodha (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), the princess of Jaipur defining new concepts for fashion designers.

Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo

Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor starrer Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie is a totally royal family drama. There Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor could be seen wearing royal outfits with traditional and exclusive jewellery designed by PNG Jewelers. After the heavy diamond studded jewellery worn by Sonam kapoor it became a style statement and became very demanding among the people. If you wish to purchase stylish diamond jewellery then you can easily buy diamond fashion jewellery online in Kolkata. There are ample numbers of online stores with a wide range of collection.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

The big family drama Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham makes remember from Karan Johar’s other films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai; still it has a few scenes in which leading actress Jaya Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor and Kajol could be seen wearing designer diamond jewellery and heavy outfits. Later, these accessories and dress were loved by local jewellery lovers to get new customized jewelleries. Their jewellery designs were well appreciated and loved by many jewellery makers as well giving them new ideas.

Top 3 Diamond Bracelet Designs

Pearl Melody Bracelet

Pearl and diamonds are just made for each other. Take a look at the beautiful designed bracelet that has been crafted to match with any outfit and accessory that you wear. You will absolutely adore how simple and elegant this diamond bracelet looks. It is both charming and attractive. Buy this amazing bracelet and pair it up with any outfit and shine in the occasion.

Droplet Diamond Bracelet

Diamond is loved in all shapes and all forms. This particular bracelet needs to be a part of your closet right now. Our store has tons of variety of jewellery options to choose from and this is one of the top designs that we have in front of you. This particular bracelet has small and medium sized diamond stones that you will absolutely love. Don’t think too much and buy this one soon.

Rhombus Margarita Bracelet

As they say save the best for the last. This is the most unique designed bracelet that you have ever seen. It is very mainstream to wear something that everyone has but this is one is just out of the box. The design of this diamond bracelet is trendy and modish too. If you are planning to buy diamond bracelet online in Kolkata this is the right place for you. Feel free to browse through our store and pick up your favorites.

hair clip

Top 3 Diamond Head Accessories

hair clip


Diamond tiaras are classy, elegant and show class. They are still very much in fashion and worn by people all the time. Be it for your kid daughter or for a special occasion. A diamond tiara is the best piece of diamond jewel that you can own. For weddings too people prefer to wear a small diamond tiara to add up to the entire look. All you need to do is find a store where you can buy diamond jewellery online.


Right from royalty to charm, a mangtika makes up for all the grace a woman carries. A complete ethnic look is well appreciated by a diamond mangtika. You can find a beautiful piece of mangtika as per your choice from any jewellery store online. Go ahead and add this extensive accessory to your closet. Mangtika when studded with beautiful diamond stones makes up for a perfect look.

Diamond hair clips

These studded and beaded diamond hair clips enhance the look of any outfit with a simple radiance that can go a long way. These beaded clips come in various designs and shapes, such as butterflies, flowers, spirals, and wings and can be used on unique hairdos such as puff, braids, ponytails etc. You can easily buy diamond jewellery online and style your hairstyle in different manner.

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